Professional Architectural Services 

As stipulated in the Architectural Act 44 of 2000, clients are provided with FULL professional architectural services.

PARTIAL architectural services may be agreed upon, with the appointment being proportionate to the various work stages.

Work stage 1: (Inception – Appraisal and project definition)

Stage 2 of the project: (Design concept with viability, client budget, materials 3D BIMx model)

Stage 3 of the project: (Design development with 3D animation and visualization)

4.1 Work stage: (Prepare documentation sufficient for local authority submission & approval)

Stage 4.2 of the project: (Complete construction documentation and proceed with tender process)

Stage 5 of the project: (Contract admin and inspection)

Work stage 6: (Close out – documentation to ensure completion and provide as-built drawings)

Property Development Support to Contractors

These services provide property owners, developers, and contractors with critical services for obtaining marketing documents and statutory approvals, as well as council submission of plans for approval.


  • Building Plans for all residential commenrcial, industrial, corporate & retail projects
  • Addditions and Alterations
  • Site Management
  • As-builts & Deviation plans
  • Minor building works applications
  • 3D Graphic Rendering Visualitions & Animations
  • Marketing Documents & Design Proposals
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Specialist Design Services
  • Stragetic Planning
  • General Draughting services

Multi-Disiplinary Professional Services

We provide our clients with a multi-disciplinary service in which the architect is the project lead and multiple disciplines collaborate on the same project. With a professional network, each professional is appointed in-house, saving the client time and money through more competitive professional fees.


Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Town Planners, and Structural / Civil Engineers are all types of Quantity Surveyors.
Engineers (Mechanical/Electrical)
Firefighting Engineers
Interior Designers and Landscape Architects
Specialist consultants in the environment are available upon request.

Turnkey Solutions

Full professional architectural services and construction, where we design, manage, and complete the work for the client under one professional umbrella. All projects are completed to the highest quality and standards by master builders who pay close attention to detail. All work is completed in accordance with National Building Regulations, providing our clients with a hassle-free occupation and the keys to their home.

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